Those of you who attended 2009's Slabtown Bender may remember a particually raucous L.A trio named Static Static. While no specific details have been given, apparently on Valentine's Day weekend a pair of members of the band were pulled over in Arizona for drug possession and are facing potential jail time.

Here's a message from their close friend, Miss Pussycat of Quintron and the Pussycat:

Important message from Miss Pussycat! Help John Henry and Heather...

This is Panacea - Miss Pussycat. John Henry and Heather are in jail. They were pulled over in Arizona a couple of days ago and are being charged with possession of enough of a controlled substance to put them both in prison for a long time - 5 to 15 years. Arizona is a very very bad state to be charged with anything. Their friends are trying to raise money so that they can both see a lawyer as soon as possible. They go before a judge on Tuesday... yes Fat Tuesday. Their bail is profound . Lawyers ASAP seems much more important.

I have known John and Heather for over ten years. Heather has ben on tour with us to sell merch, Static Static has rocked the Spellcaster many times and I love them both and know they have lots of other friends that love them and would want to help out. Leslie, the drummer for Static Static has a Paypal account to direct donations for a lawyer .

Again, they are set to go before a judge on Tuesday and it is very important that we can get them legal counsel before hand, and beyond. This is horrible and serious and we have to help them however possible.

Send paypal donations to: lesley.lesley@sbcglobal.net


- Miss Pussycat

Then over at Static Static's myspace page this message is left (and the myspace page has not since been updated):

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Hi Everyone. Just wanted to say thanks for all your donations. Every bit helps - so, thank you, thank you. We have raised enough money to retain an attorney for JH. But, we still need one for Heather.

So, please spread the word!!

To sum up the situation:
JH & H were arrested last week in AZ. We cannot give details, but the situation is serious and they need representation ASAP.

We need to raise a very hefty sum for this representation. A retainer for an attorney in AZ is running $5000 - $8000.

For donations, please email lesley.lesley@sbcglobal.net (this is also the paypal account for donations)
or call Lesley @ 323-382-6008
or Keenan = datura666@sbcglobal.net

Donation shows with Quintron and the Pussycat and the Black Lips, as well as dance parties are being organized in the Los Angeles area. Hopefully, Portland can also follow suit. More details will follow when given.