Have you tried ChatRoulette yet? Well, perhaps tomorrow you'd like to give it a spin. Portland band Nurses will be performing in front of their webcam to lucky chat partners who get paired up with them. (For the uninitiated, ChatRoulette randomly pairs you up for a one-on-one video chat with another ChatRoulette person out there in cyberspace. I have been ChatRouletting for approximately six minutes, and have already seen one bare butt and one act of fellatio.) Here's what's in store, according to Abe at Nurses' label, Dead Oceans:
Nurses will be performing live from Aaron's apartment where they've made their own backdrop and set. They will be playing in front of 15 computers each of which will be streaming the performance live on ChatRoulette. The performance itself will feature mostly traditional Nurses songs, but there will also be some jam sessions, and a couple of new songs as well. They'll be running for projectors for visual effect, and may actually project some of the video of people watching on Chatroulette, making what Aaron called a "meta-roulette." As far as I know Nurses will be the first band to hold any type of "event" like this using ChatRoulette.
So, if you log on to ChatRoulette tomorrow (Tuesday, February 23 at 7 pm Pacific), you might get lucky and witness your very own personal Nurses show, with your image somewhere in the backdrop! This is a pretty unique experiment for 15 lucky chat partners, so ready that webcam! And maybe, hold off on the fellatio for a few minutes.

Also: Nurses have 15 computers? Holy moly.