This morning P4K posted the visual accompaniment for AU's "Ida Walked Away," from their splendid Versions EP. This rainbow of colors and shapes was created by Japan's Takafumi Tsuchiya, and since it was produced outside this glorious little bubble we reside in, I asked AU frontman Luke Wyland about how the video came to be.

Since director Takafumi Tsuchiya is based out of Japan, how did this collaboration take place?
LUKE WYLAND: This entire process was instigated by our Japanese label Inpartmaint, as they and Tsuchiya have worked together in the past. To be honest we simply gave the go ahead after seeing some of Takafumi's earlier work. Of course we had the freedom to not allow its release if we weren't happy with it, but I wasn't too concerned as all of the work I've seen from him is incredible. We were just honored he took on the project.

On videos like this—ones that do not include the band itself—how does the pre-production process work? Is everything done via email?
LW: I didn't see this video until just a week or so ago. It was essentially a surprise, one that I was most happy with. I do tend to enjoy or expect a more collaborative experience with such things but felt it okay to step back entirely on this one. It's exciting to see how a master animator interprets your work without input from yourself along the way.

When working with someone far away, is there a fear that the end product won't be exactly what you intended for the song?
LW: This, I'm never too worried about, as our songs tend to be open for interpretation and hopefully are strengthened by their general abstraction. The hope is that they can be refracted through each listener's/viewer's own experience of them. Maybe thats just a load of B.S., but I tend to want to believe it. I highly recommend checking out Takafumi's website and Vimeo page. His stuff is mesmerizing.