A few weeks ago, I got Damien Jurado on the phone for a brief conversation about the state of his musical union. It was then that he divulged tidbits of information about his new "experimental orchestral pop" record, made with friend/labelmate Richard Swift. Since then, I've been rhapsodizing about what that this could possibly sound like, mostly settling on the Beach Boy's Smiley Smile. While the new track, "Arkansas," is not quite that orchestral or experimental (and isn't "Vegetables," like my strange head imagined it would be), it certainly displays non-linear musical growth and complimentary flourishes for Jurado's all-too familiar solo act. It's also enticing enough to eagerly anticipate the May 25th arrival of Saint Bartlett, c/o Secretly Canadian. In other words: I dig it. Do you?


Damien Jurado- "Arkansas"

Also, it should be noted that Jurado has promised to post an unreleased song from his brimming treasure trove to his MySpace page for each week until Saint Bartlett is released. There are some nice lo-fi gems up there already; check them out!