It's no secret that the End Hits staff is a bunch of squares who associate hiphop with Snow's 12 Inches of Snow*. (The words "A licky boom-boom down" shall be carved into my tombstone.) While the excellent Graham Barey has helped us stay cool over the years, we're looking to expand our hiphop coverage.

That said, the Mercury is looking for a hiphop freelancer.

The details:
- You know just about everything when it comes to local and national hiphop. You know your Cool Nutz from your Kool Moe Dee.
- Previous published experience is nice, but not essential.
- We will pay you.
- You will have to work for an editor who once left a Tribe Called Quest concert to call his girlfriend. From a payphone. Collect.

If you are interested, drop us a line. Now, if you don't mind, I have some Rodney Dangerfield rhymes to listen to.

* Yes, I know Snow is really reggae/dancehall and not hiphop. I'm just too tired to think up a 3rd Base joke right now.