Take it away press release:

ODDSAC is a feature film collaboration between the band Animal Collective and filmmaker Danny Perez. The film was co-conceived by and stars Animal Collective, whose 2009 album Merriweather Post Pavilion was named album of the year by SPIN, Entertainment Weekly, and Pitchfork, and topped critics end of year lists worldwide. ODDSAC is a dense and surreal layering of audio and visual elements that eschews conventional narrative to create a visceral, immersive experience.

ODDSAC features an original score with new songs from the band and complex digital manipulation by Perez, a debut filmmaker and visual artist known for his concert projections with musicians such as Black Dice and Panda Bear. ODDSAC represents a new synthesis of music and film, a visual album" whose songs will not be released in any other form. ODDSAC is the result of over four years of intense collaboration between Perez and the band. "It was meant to be an open-ended operation of audio-video synthesis, the passing back and forth of visuals and sound so that each would inform the other and create an organic structure," said Perez.

The Screening (which will feature director Danny Perez and "members of Animal Collective:"

March 29
Portland OR, USA
Cinema 21
$15. 7pm, 9pm.

And finally, let's bring it all together:

As Animal Collective are one of my very favorite bands, you'd think I'd be excited. You'd think. But you'd need to read this review of the film and Animal Collective's takeover installation at NY's Guggenheim. Then you'll be better to decide if ODDSAC is worth your $15 bucks.