Immediately walking in it was apparent that someone had finally realized the photo-op potential of the Burgerville concert series. There were about four mammoth telephoto lenses lurking, plus a video camera mounted with monitor in the middle of the dance floor/dining area. On top of that, a soundboard with technician, and a few local minor celebrities dotting the crowd for good measure. That said, it was a relief, since if anything deserves over documentation, it's this. Let’s face it, how long can any fast food chain in their right minds allow kids to slamdance in the middle of their restaurant? One would hope forever, but who knows?

The icebreaker for the evening came from Midwest whiteboy emcee Juice Boxx. With a lightning fast set he managed to rock the crowd pretty thoroughly with some sweetass booty jams. Favorite quote: "Fuckin Burgerville, Burger world, Burger town, Burger country, let's make some fuckin noooooiiiiiiiise!" Apparently he's going on tour with Bone Thugs-n-Harmony soon, or at least he kept screaming that into the mic.

Next up was North Portland house party all-stars Wampire. The trio's performance fit well within the burger joint surroundings and made the entire event feel about ten-times more surreal. Wampire quickly cleared the room of anyone who had been inside the reaturant for "legitimate" Burgerville reasons.

Lastly, White Fang took the stage floor and quickly ripped through about four songs. Kids were jumping, Elton John tribute riffs were flying and milkshakes were spilled left and right—it was an amazing sight. At the end of the set, singer Eric Gage explained to me, "Ya know, this is kind of the dream." I agree. When you were a teenager what else could you have wished for than to see your favorite punk band play a free, all-age show at a fast food restaurant?