Deflated dreams spotted on the street in Austin
  • Deflated dreams spotted on the street in Austin

Day Three - SXSW 2010

Total Number of Bands Seen:
10. Attack Attack, Memory Tapes, The Very Best, Tobacco, Joe Pug, Reading Rainbow, Frightened Rabbit, Bear Hands, Coathangers, and Smith Westerns. Plus Eugene Mirman, but I don't think he counts.

Total Number of Tacos Consumed:
Three. Breakfasty and delicious.

Notable Shows That I Was Unable to See:
Hole. A potent combination of nostalgia and morbid curiosity were my motivation to seek out the latest version of the band (Courtney Love + a few ringers), but I was not alone in this pursuit, The line was long, and I didn't want to hand over my evening to the unreliable Ms. Love. Also, we nearly missed crabcore act Attack Attack (watch this, if you dare), but thankfully they blessed us with an encore. Surprisingly little crabcore in their act. I was crushed.

Overall Drunkeness (on an Aaron Meshian scale of 0-100)
83. We tried to sneak onto our hotel's roof around 3am but it turns out they expected such shenanigans, and we were left drinking cans of Tecate in the stairwell. (In retrospect that sounds more depressing than it really was.)

My daytime was spent at parties that featured more distractions (open bar, free cookies) than actual music. The day show highlight was split between Joe Pug giving a noble effort to compete with the sheer volume of a rap metal band performing mere feet behind him. He lost the volume war, but was in good spirits regardless. Also, Tobacco (mysterious frontman of Black Moth Super Rainbow) put on an excellent set, complete with a video backdrop that featured bloody slasher films and some sort of E.T. porno. Not to be confused with the animated E.T. prono from our Hump! event, this was a far more traumatic mid-'80s video with a humping protagonist that resembled a midget burn victim trapped inside a rubber outfit. In life, there are just some things that you can't unsee. This was one of them.

After dark it was a mad dash to see as much music as possible; this included a great set from the bratty garage kids in the Smith Westerns, a mediocre offering from hyped-up Brooklyn act Bear Hands, and surprisingly raucous performance from the global (African/Swedish/British) act the Very Best. It was the second show in as many nights that featured back-up dancers. Let's see if I can hit the dancer trifecta tonight.