This is her Doctor Manhattan outfit.
  • This is her Doctor Manhattan outfit.

I know I shouldn't be excited about such news, but...

Lady Gaga Brings The Monster Ball Tour to the Rose Garden Aug 19

I loved Monster's Ball! It's about time someone dedicated a live show to the feel-good movie of 2001. I wonder how Gaga is going to reenact that graphic Billy Bob Thornton sex scene?

With Lady Gaga’s flair for the theatrical, combined with her innovative and creative spirit, The Monster Ball Tour promises to push the limits of the live concert experience, bringing fans a spectacle even more eye-popping than what they experienced before.

"It's still called Monster Ball, but it's more of a musical and less of a concert,” Lady Gaga said in a February interview with KIIS-FM’s Ryan Seacrest. “It has a New York theme, it's a story, and the story is that me and my friends are in New York and we're going to the Monster Ball, and we get lost."

Really? That's the story? You get lost? Anyway, tickets go on sale this Friday and will set you back either $175, $85, or $49.50 (plus outrageous convenience/service fees). Gaga is a lot of things, but cheap ain't one of them.