Could it be? In a recent interview with IFC during SXSW, Sleater-Kinney guitarist/NPR blogger Carrie Brownstein said she and fellow SK drummer Janet Weiss have formed a new band, though she didn't give many details on this new venture: "I can't really talk about it that much, but we have seven songs, and there are four of us, and we're based in Portland—but not all of our members live there."

Hmm. Curiosity. Piqued. Purposely getting my hopes up even higher, Brownstein went on to say that a Sleater-Kinney reunion and record could possibly be in the works. "We spent 11 years committed to that band, heart and soul. To get back into it we have to be in that place where we can immerse ourselves fully. I think it will happen. We have to loop around, and we're at the far end of the circle, away from the band, but I think we will come back and revisit it."

Screw the Health Care Bill, THIS is real news! Obviously, we will keep you posted. Geez, I'm still getting over Devo getting back together... this one may take awhile.