Just in time for the "Eat Yr Heart Out" food/music collision at Holocene this Thursday, the "Cooking with..." video series follows Wampire into their kitchen. Culinary excellence this is not, instead the band demonstrates how to make the "stoner comfort food" that is tater tot casserole.

I'm not going to imply that the band was absolutely baked while filming this, although comments like "I think it's beautiful, I've eaten this 5000 times," don't help their case. Anyway, here are more features of the "Eat Yr Heart Out" event:

* Live music by St. Frankie Lee and Wampire
* A food-themed DJ set by DJ Brokenwindow (Community Library)
* A live cooking demonstration by Guidance Counselor
* A screening of Brennan Novak & Potlatch Presents "Cooking with..." internet video series!
* Smoking a bowl in Wampire's van
* A poutine eating challenge, sponsored by Potato Champion
* Plus a bake-off by your favorite local bands, judged by Typhoon