Taking notes? Good. First off, Pyramiddd is no more. Starfucker switched monikers awhile back, going with Pyramid at first, then eventually settling on Pyramiddd.

But according to the band's Shawn Glassford, "None of us ever settled with that name, cause it's fucking stupiddd. We're going back to Starfucker for our May tour, then we'll see. Maybe we'll change it again after that to a more suitable name."

When not busy changing their name at the drop of a hat—much to our delight—the band is preparing a follow-up to last year's Jupiter, while Glassford and Keil Corcoran have branched out and formed the duo Fake Drugs. Not straying far from the Starfucker sound, their self-titled debut is loaded with bouncy synth-pop and is a blast to listen to. Fake Drugs and Guidance Counselor are splitting a release show on April 20 at Holocene.


Fake Drugs - "Red Eyes"