If any of my neighbors are reading this, the yelps that seeped under the door of my home office and out onto the street Tuesday afternoon were not (more) domestic violence disputes. Nope, this time, they were excited and Avi Buffalo-induced, having received their self-titled debut in my inbox (and two weeks early, no less!)

And while I'm really bad at keeping secrets, and there is nothing I'd rather do than post unreleased teaser tracks all over the internets, I won't do that. Because then I'd get in big trouble, probably fired and this Trickling Fountain of Tranquility that I just bought for the home office would have to go back to the store. Sad.

BUT just so you guys know, the new Avi Buffalo record (out April 27th via Sub Pop) is all buttery golden guitar tones and rollicking choruses and fantasticness. So fantastic, in fact, that you will barely flinch at the fact that these kids with very high-pitched voices are using the words "flaccid," "sluts," "cum," and the phrase "soft pink lightning" in their songs. And if for some reason, you are behind and confused as to who I'm so candidly rambling about, read about them on their website or here on End Hits. Because you should know.

Here is a previously released teaser track that will not leave me fired and fountain-less.

Avi Buffalo- "Remember Last Time"

Pre-order the record and view the (nsfw?) track listing here.