When I think of The Church, "Under the Milky Way" immediately comes to mind. I doubt I'm alone. It was the Aussie band's biggest hit, released in 1988 almost eight years after they formed.

But there are those who remember and know the band for being innovative (especially guitarist Marty Willson-Piper) with a unique frontman in Steve Kilbey who wrote dark and jangly pop songs. During the band's heyday I was probably listening to RATT and Metallica cassettes hoping my mom wouldn't decipher the F-bomb drops in "Damage Inc."

The Church have carried on for three decades with varying degrees of success and acclaim. The band is currently playing intimate acoustic sets under the moniker "An Intimate Space 30th Anniversary North American Tour 2010," which has included stops at medium-to-large venues like L.A.'s The Roxy Theater and San Francisco's Great American Music Hall. One song from each album will be chosen and played in reverse chronological order.

The Church will perform tonight in the much cozier confines of Mississippi Studios. I'm assuming you'll get "Milky Way" about halfway through the set. But you won't get it here.