Another week, another Mercury music section to read while your prepare that résumé for your new job, blogging for Alicia Keys. Eh, somehow I think blogging for Alan Keyes would be a more exciting position.

Corin Tucker interviews are a rare thing these days, but the former Sleater-Kinney frontwoman was kind enough to talk about her former band, being a working mom in music, and her exciting her solo recording.

Hopefully the European disco pop of Delorean stays with us longer than the gull-wing doors of the car company from which they took their name. Where this band is going, they don't need roads.

Delorean - "Stay Close"

After a series of some great albums, Beach House save their finest work for Teen Dream. There are two things from Baltimore that I refuse to fuck with: Beach House and Marlo Stanfield. Sorry Billy Ripken, no matter what your bat says, you still did not make the cut.

Beach House - "Norway"

Thank you, A Weather. Your Everyday Balloons was the record that helped get me through the misery of another wet Portland winter. Also, I'm glad you are back to making more "Fuzzy Buddy" bears for your merch table, not that I own one or anything...

A Weather - "Third of Life"

There is your run-of-the-mill average synth pop, and then there is the perfected synth pop of La Roux. Please don't confuse the two.

La Roux - "I'm Not Your Toy"

After years of whispering in your ear with Low, Alan Sparhawk raises the volume, and opens the "lid," with the Retribution Gospel Choir.

Retribution Gospel Choir - "Poor Man's Daughter"