• Brandon Showers

Here's a preview that I wrote for the show tonight:

(Doug Fir, 830 E Burnside) Once upon a time in San Francisco, back when "indie" was short for "independent," a band called Beulah signaled what good was to come of music as the '90s slowly turned into the '00s. At the helm was Miles Kurosky—and after a six-year hiatus after Beulah's demise, and some crippling health problems, Kurosky has resurfaced joyfully with a skulking monster of a pop album, The Desert of Shallow Effects. His solo debut was self-produced and features more than two dozen musicians (some of whom are ex-Beulahs, hence that pawing familiarity you'll feel when you hear it). Kurosky is still a lyrical master, effortlessly spouting a phrase like "The slick missionary with a pension for stealing/and hypnotizing the/girls with boy's names and boys with girl's frames" in the ingeniously verbose song "Dead Language Blues." Do not miss this one. RAQUEL NASSER

And here's a song, just in case you need an aural reminder:

Miles Kurosky- "I Can't Swim"