Kelli Schaefer unleashes the latest in her series of A/B-side singles tonight at a show at Backspace. The A-side is "Black Dog" and it's nothing like the Zeppelin song. Actually, it's a chilly synth-noir rocker, expanding the horizons of Schaefer's already free-ranging sound. Jumping from a plodding, thunderous beat into a faster dance rhythm, the song moves through a number of changing sections, refusing to settle on one groove. Moaning slides and a ghostly soprano voice (from Kris Doty) make this one of Schaefer's most adventurous tunes thus far—she's collected a pretty stunning body of work with this current string of two-song singles on Amigo/Amiga Recordings, and "Black Dog" is certainly no exception.


Kelli Schaefer - "Black Dog"

See Kelli Schaefer tonight at Backspace, 115 NW 5th, 9 pm, $6, all ages; w/Giant Cloud, Botanist