Last time Sweden's Miike Snow played Portland, at the Doug Fir, I made a prediction to a friend: "The next time these guys play PDX, it'll be at a much bigger venue, like the Crystal or Wonder Ballroom." (I also made the same prediction for fellow Swedes Little Dragon, too. I was wrong on that one. They played Holocene their first time through, then Mississippi Studios on Monday night. Still, what a killer show.)

I guess I'm just not that good at judging mainstream musical success. I earnestly thought "the Negro Problem" would be huge as well. Nonetheless it's always better to see great music in a small, intimate venue. So here's your last chance to see the amazing Miike Snow before they play the Rose Garden next fall.

Miike Snow plays The Hawthorne Theater tonight. It's been sold out for weeks, so I guess I was sort of right.