The sleep deprived mind (6 am shifts as a morning DJ will do that to you) behind local label Arena Rock Recording Company is celebrating their new online store by giving away a free 17-track digital compilation. Entitled Happily Schizophrenic Volume 1—in reference to their wide selection of artists (Wroom to Christian rock icon Larry Norman), not some hereditary mental disorder—is available right now, and acts as a great primer on ARRCO's vast catalog.

Happily Schizophrenic Volume 1 is a 17-track digital compilation featuring recent and upcoming releases on the label. Arena Rock's Greg Glover says of the compilation's title, "After putting the compilation together and looking over the track listing it dawned on me how all-over-the-place we are as a label and I'm proud of that. Happily schizophrenic, if you will."

Local artists featured include recent Portland signings Old Light as well as tracks from: Richmond Fontaine, STIFFWIFF, Saudade, Kelly Blair Bauman, and Wroom. Also included are tracks from: Larry Norman, The House of Love, and soon-to-be-released tracks from Frontier(s) (ex-Elliott) and Highway Robbery, an ambient project from Calla's Wayne Magruder.

Arena Rock's digital catalog can now be purchased direct from their online store with full-lengths selling for only $6.99 each!

To download the compilation, just visit the store and use the promo code HAPPY.