It's hard to get any work done here at the office with all these damn Pavement tickets scattered around my desk. Hey, let's give away another pair!

As a longtime Pavement fan, I'm quick to declare that Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain is my favorite Pavement record. I know the Indie Cred Council will strip me of valuable points (These points can be traded in for prizes, sort of like the redemption center at an arcade—I'm gonna get me one of them color television sets!) if I align myself with any record other than Slanted and Enchanted, but I can't deny how important Crooked Rain was to me while growing up. If there is a checklist for teenage musc fan cliches, I hit them all with this record: scrawling "40 different shades of black" on my binder, swearing that the band says my name in "Silence Kit" ("Silent kid don't listen to the grandmother's advice about Ezra"), and clawing my way to the front row when the band played a small club show during the promotional swing for the album. 16 years later, it still sounds as good today as it did then.

Comment below and talk about your favorite Pavement record (even Terror Twilight). The best comment will win a pair of tickets to the band's September 3rd show at Edgefield. Good luck.