If you've got a ticket to the Deer Tick show tonight at the Crystal Ballroom—and you don't have to work in the morning—you're in luck. The boys from Providence will be hopping across downtown Portland to Berbati's Pan for an after party at midnight. It's free with your ticket stub. Right now the official word is that there will be "surprises" at the after party. So using my expert deduction skills (I am the king of after parties), I'd say the possibilities include: piñata; slot-car racing; a DJ spinning weed-related tunes; getting your dog checked for actual deer ticks; and maybe a set of music from Deer Tick the band. Maybe. Who knows. They're just driving up from Coachella, so maybe they'll be wiped out. But maybe they'll be on a roll and super inspired.

Deer Tick after party; Berbati's Pan, 10 SW 3rd, midnight, FREE w/ticket stub