After lots of teasing and hints, looks like details have finally emerged on the self-titled debut from Blue Giant. No longer just a Viva Voce side project, the band's debut will appear on record store shelves on July 13th courtesy of Vanguard Records.

Talk to me, press release:

Blue Giant, named after the brightest star in the galaxy, is the creation of Kevin and Anita Robinson, better known as Portland, Ore. indie-pop darlings Viva Voce. The Robinson’s new band features Chris Funk (The Decemberists), Evan Railton (Swords) and Seth Lorinczi (The Golden Bears). Produced by Kevin Robinson, Blue Giant will be released on July 13th.

On their self-titled debut, Blue Giant combines the traditional sounds of American music — country, bluegrass, and folk with driving, straight-ahead rock. The twelve tracks on the album, written by Kevin and Anita, showcase that versatility from the classic country feel of “Lonely Girl,” to the melodic guitars in “Clean The Clock,” to the mellow, deceptively simple “Gone For Good” which features Sleater-Kinney’s Corin Tucker.

"We've delved in so many genres and after all these years of going as far as we could go on the boundaries of music, we've come full circle to where the future of music is where it started: five people in a room together playing songs," says Kevin.

The band itself formed exactly that way, as spontaneous late-night recordings with friends turned in to making a full-length record. “We just finished building our studio and the first thing we wanted to do was invite friends over and play music. The chemistry was immediate so we just said, ‘Let’s go with this,’” says Anita.

And now here is the the first single from the album.

Blue Giant - "Blue Sunshine"

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