A recent visit to L.A. meant lots of driving. Luckily my friend had a whole section of Truckin' Songs on his iPhone. Find a good one and you almost want to be stuck in the car. Truckin' Songs have just four themes, he told me:

- The Road / The Truck
- Truck Stops, Coffee Shops and their Jukeboxes
- Truck Stop Babes
- Missing Your Lady at Home

And of all the ones I heard, one sticks out in my mind: Dick Curless' "Chick Inspector." Damn thing is pretty catchy. Check out the first verse:

"I prowl the interstate
checkin' up on trucker bate
makin' sure it's up to date
before they drop it on you"

Free love at the truck stop may have been pre-AIDS, but it wasn't pre-herpes.

Dick Curless: "Chick Inspector"