Into the Woods' Jordan Kinley is currently at the helm of another project, called 28 Days in May. In short, a director named Charles Wittenmeier (who directed this kind-of awesome tabasco commercial, amongst many others in the 90s) is opening his soon-to be foreclosed Mt. Tabor home to artists, writers and musicians as a creative stomping ground for 28 days... in May.

Here is a great synopsis of the project's mission, straight from the treatment:

On May 28th, 2010 Charles Wittenmeier will be forced to foreclose on his one of a kind historical 3 story home. On May 1st, he will be opening it as a creative living / work space for artists and musicians. For 28 days, the artists and musicians will create music, art and conversation. Each artist will come with at least one idea of a project they would like to accomplish over the 28 days using the shared resources and talents of the group. Their work will be assembled in a book, an album, and a feature length film — all of which examine the lessons of the past and the reality of the future. The house will be set up to maximize its creative potential: recording studio, art spaces, quiet writing nooks, and creative sleeping arrangements. Cross medium collaborations are encouraged, as well as diversity in the skill level and experience of the artists themselves.

And while there are a core group of artists who have agreed to stay on the property and do their work, the house will also host live shows, curated openings and the whims of "unexpected guests." That means YOU.

Any more questions? Here is a very informative video:
(though it fails to explain exactly what is meant by "creative sleeping arrangements")


And now, head here to read over the facts and donate to the project28 Days in May still needs $9,747 (for food, transportation and psychedelics external hard drives) by May 1st in order for all of the creative unplanned-ness to go as planned.