• Judd Irish Bradley

Another week, another Mercury music section to read while you watch the video of Flip-Flop Bro. Don't laugh, inability to put on flip-flops is the second biggest problem at Coachella. Number one? Perry Farrell.

It's safe to say that Dan Bern really likes to write songs. Songs for films, for kiddies, and even for himself. Bern's endless output of material cover all spectrums of pop music, and in fact he just wrote two songs while this song uploaded to our server.

Dan Bern - "New American Language"

Dr. Dog (alternate name: Puppy, PhD.) seek the truth with their latest Shame, Shame. This means no more writing songs about fake characters. Sorry, Guy Icognito.

Dr. Dog - "Shadow People"

Simon Green (that's Bonobo to you and me) treads on new ground with Black Sands. Female vocals, full live band, and one giant balloon.

Bonobo - "All In Forms"

Has it really been two decades since Bizarro became a mixtape staple for every heartbroken boy/girl this side of Leeds? It has, and now the Wedding Present are performing the flawless record to the stage in its entirety.

The Wedding Present - "Kennedy"