The people have spoken, and today's free Pavement tickets will be given to the artist behind the best manipulated image of the band. You can use MS Paint, Mac's free "Paintbrush" app, Photoshop, or just do it by hand. But there is a catch. Instead of just drawing the usual elements—eye patches, mustaches, giant dongs—on top of the band's photo, you have to incorporate at least two of the following elements:

- The "Pavement Is Rad" wizard from Wowee Zowee.
- A reference to any song from the band's catalog.
- Former member Gary Young.
- A large money bag with a dollar sign on it to either symbolize the sellout nature of this reunion tour, or the illustrate the band's deep-rooted love for Teenage Fanclub's Bandwagonesque.
- Any member of the bands mentioned in "Range Life."
- One of the many "Miracles" from the ICP video.

Email your entry to us by tomorrow at 8am, and the best image will win two tickets to Pavement's September 3rd show at Edgefield, and be posted on this blog tomorrow as well. Good luck.