A few weeks ago Dirty Mittens offered up "Arcadia," the new song from the band's forthcoming record. The new song, along with two more newbies will be available on a limited handmade EP at tonight's show at Mississippi Studios. The rascally members are also offering up an official Dirty Mittens VIP Card... yes, like the dozen or so you already have in your wallet/purse/fanny pack for free coffee/sub sandwiches/vegan cupcakes.

This one rocks much harder, of course. Just obtain a card at tonight's show, and get it punched every time you go see the Mittens. Five punches will get you a fabulous prize. Guitarist Ben Moral explains:

We'll do our best to accommodate any reasonable request. Want a free shirt? Sure! Want a copy of our new album a week before it comes out? No problem! Want a guest list spot with FREAKY BACKSTAGE VIP ACCESS for our next show? Fuck yes. But really, you can get creative too: Come kick it with us at practice and bang some brews, or get a BBQ Brussel Bowl on us at Bye and Bye. Whatever man.

You can get three punches alone this weekend. The Dirty Mittens will also perform Saturday, 11 a.m. at the Aladdin for the LEP Rocks Benefit, and again that night during Eating Mobile at 5:30. I'm hoping the band will set up and play the entire two hours during my upcoming visit to the DMV. Perhaps an all-night party at Chuck E. Cheese?