Now, let it be known that I have no frame of reference as to what music writing was like before the invention and subsequent proliferation of THE MUSIC BLOG. I have not been at this all that long, but ever since I started, I've been intrigued by blogs and their place in music journalism.

Here is a video of a recent speech (read: rant) given by Christopher Weingarten at NYC's 140 Characters Conference. Weingarten is a very opinionated music freelancer (Village Voice, Spin, Rolling Stone) who thinks that the internet has fucked his career. He touches on the weird phenomenon of The Hype Machine, Twitter and how these tools are influencing and controlling the zombie minds of music writers. According to Weingarten, we no longer cover bands that we like in an artful way, but rather, we cover bands with whom we've been endlessly inundated and thus convinced we should like, thanks to our Twitter feeds. We also do so poorly.

(Video after the jump; it starts automatically)

As music blog readers, I'm curious; what are your thoughts on the topic? How do you regard music blogs in relation to music publications? Is the demise of music journalism contained in in TweetDeck of hype-fiend hipsters? Discuss!