Here at End Hits we've made little effort to hide our desire to bone Steven Patrick Morrissey, so imagine our excitement when we discovered that there is a night for (lonely/creepy) people like us:

Trouble Loves Me. A Smiths/Morrissey Night.

Tonight we pay tribute to a man that has touched many lives throughout the world. Steven Patrick Morrissey, we salute you.

We will be playing select Smiths and Morrissey, from the hits, to the deep gems. We will also be sneaking in some post punk, new wave, no wave, brit pop, and old english punk/oi to mix it up and keep you goin. Please come show your love for Moz. Wear your favorite Morrissey shirt, or look sharp, bring some gladiolas and let's have fun and sing along in tribute to a great man and his beautiful work.

Sounds good, but not sure I can choose from just one Morrissey shirt. I might layer them and dramatically strip them off as the night progress (just like the Moz would).

This group sadness event goes down every last Thursda at the Yes and No, the new bar in the old Food Hole space (next to the Tube). This Thursday's Morrissey-spinners will be DJ Rad!, and a special guest set from The Baron (Aaron Montaigne from Antioch Arrow, Heroin, and Dangerous Boys Club). So how long before Johnny Marr shows up to this thing?