The mustachioed all-age showspace The Parlour seems to be on their way out. Sadly this is not a rare occurrence with local venues that lack age restrictions. This is the email they just sent out:

To our dear bands, promoters, and patrons,

I know this comes at a rather inconvenient time, but it is important that everything is straight and clear.

The Parlour crew has been hanging on as tightly as we could since the very beginning, but recent unfortunate developments with the property have made it impossible for us to continue as what we are. It weighs very heavily in our minds to have to notify our patrons and acts of this drastic change, but we will be unable to keep our doors open after a short while, most likely the end of May, if not sooner.

We will be throwing shows with the same regularity, strength and promotion as we normally do for the time being. Nothing will be changing until our doors are closed - we haven’t given up now, and we don’t plan to in the future. We are trying to find a way to still allow bands after that to have their shows that they have booked with us - we don’t want to leave them hanging.

If you are in a band that has a gig coming up this month, don't fret just yet. We will remain open for the next few weeks, and do our best to find new venues for your shows as soon as we can if we have to close our doors before the end of the month. We will contact you as soon as possible if we find a home for your show. We recommend you do the same, filling us in with any details that might come up. Our website will still be up and running, our Twitter tweeting, and our Facebook posting, so tell us what's going on and we'll help spread the word.

It has been an awesome time, we loved having everyone when they were there, and the experience has been the greatest we could have imagined. All-ages music is something that is important to all of us involved with The Parlour, and it kills us that we have to close our doors when there are so few strictly all-ages venues, especially in Southeast Portland. We hope it doesn't end when we give back our keys; you might just see that moustache curl up again sometime in the future!