• Katie Rasmussen

The wonderful Bark Hide and Horn called it quits awhile back, but the band has briefly resurfaced to release an EP of unreleased material. The Animal Mind EP features a half dozen songs rescued from the post-breakup abyss that so often claims lost material from dormant bands.

Picking up right where National Road left off, the songs of Animal Mind continue with the dynamic arrangements and cluttered lyrics of Andy Furgeson. The opening title track is both nervous and dramatic, crashing into a clatter of shouted choruses before briefly steading itself with an organ's soft coo and the twanging vocals of Furgeson. It's a shame that the Bark Hide and Horn story ends here.

You can order a copy of Animal Mind here or via iTunes. Also, keep an eye open for Scrimshander, the new band featuring both Furgeson and Peter Valois from BHH.


Bark Hide and Horn - "Animal Mind"