In light of Pickathon's last-chance sale on discounted weekend tickets, I thought I'd draw some attention to one the best bands tangled in the festival's overwhelmingly good line-up: Cotton Jones. Michael Nau and Whitney McGraw, with the help of some very talented friends, are making some of the best music out right now. I could try to do them justice with words (and probably fail miserably), but instead, I suggest you watch this video of "Blood Red Sentimental Blues," off 2009's Paranoid Cocoon. Also, do keep your eyes and ears peeled for a new album this summer, though I'm sure you wont have to look too hard.

And here's another song off aforementioned record, just because I feel like it.


Cotton Jones- "Gotta Cheer Up Now"

The Joneses play August 6th and 8th at Pickathon. Keep up with them and get your tickets!