It's hard to look past Frightened Rabbit on this Monday's Berbati's bill—they are, as Ned points out in this week's music section, one of the best bands in the world, not to mention some of the most outstanding live performers I've ever seen. (Hyperbole? Have you HEARD Midnight Organ Fight?).

My typical routine at a Frightened Rabbit show is to spend the openers' sets getting just maudlin-drunk enough to tear up at "Poke." But in this case, I won't be letting my enthusiasm for all things Rabbit overshadow their openers: Maps and Atlases, a winning four-piece out of Chicago who are just poised to release their first album from Barsuk Records, Perch Patchwork,

Maps and Atlases lack the blunt emotional force of the headliners, but their songs have a relentless catchiness that's reminiscent of TV on the Radio's poppier moments (tempered with a heavy dose of folk), becoming more insistent with every listen. Their sound is just familiar enough to reinforce how weird it really is—as if indie rock robots from the future set out to reinterpret folk music.


Maps and Atlases - "Solid Ground"

Maps and Atlases will be performing at Berbati's, Mon May 17, 8 pm, $16-18, tickets here