• Jason Penner

Like any music obsessed kid from the 'burbs, I devoured every single issue of Maximum Rocknroll (plus HeartattaCk and the early days of Punk Planet) that I could purchase at the merch table at some all-age matinee hardcore show. While the cheap newsprint left more of an impression on my ink-stained fingers than a lot of the bands did on my stereo, MRR—from the reoccurring columnists, to the back-of-issue classified ads (which I used to trade tapes with kids all over the country)—was absolutely fascinating.

Thankfully Wired has posted this gallery of great MRR images through the years. This shot from a 9 Shocks Terror show is particularly striking. I can't tell if the kid is diving from the stage (likely), or he is being throw from the spinning ceiling fan (less likely). Also, bonus points to any kid who attends a hardcore show in a skate helmet that says "CHUD" on it.