Portland Cello Project shows tend to be full of guest vocalists and oddly well-behaved crowds, so it's safe to say that their performance this Saturday at the Aladdin will have plenty of both. But in addition to collaborations with Storm Large, Laura Gibson, Sallie Ford and plenty more, the band will be debuting a video for "Denmark."

Never heard of that song, well that is because it's the first single from their forthcoming album, which won't see the light of day until July 20th. We can't post the "Denmark" video here—booooo—but we heard it includes life-sized marionettes and was directed by the same folks who made that amazing Weinland video.

To see the video in its entirety, you'll need to be inside the Aladdin on Saturday. If you are, bring a video camera and bootleg us a copy. While you're at it, can you record Iron Man 2 as well? I still haven't seen that one.