You know it's a big deal when the Rotture crew dusts off their bottom floor (aka, Plan B, aka Meow Meow II, aka Loveland, etc.) for an event. That is exactly the plan for the second year of Supernature's massive Superfest dance party throwdown.

Superfest2 stretches over a pair of days—July 16 and 17—and will feature 15 different local acts, all performing for an all-age crowd. The lineup...

Friday, July 16: Copy, Wampire, Fake Drugs, Hosannas, Strategy, Joey Casio & Rude Dude DJs
Saturday, July 17: Deelay Ceelay, Strength, Atole, Operative, E*Rock, Pegasus Dream & DJ Linoleum

Tickets are $8, or $12 for a two day pass, and if you are looking for a PDX Pop warmup show, this is going to be it.