For all the Portland newbies out there, Pan Tourismos were a fine local act that played around town in the early aughts (let's just call it the Blackbird Era) and even released a posthumous split seven-inch with the Joggers a few months back.

Since bassist Demetri Kassapakis is the owner of the fine The Hilt establishment on NE Alberta, his old band gets a pizza named in their honor. That got me thinking, why are there not more menu items devoted to local bands? Considering the amount of musicians that work in the food service industry, plus there are plenty of band names just begging for something to be named in their honor (Breakfast Mountain, Keep Your Fork There's Pie, Pancake Breakfast, Brkfst Sndwch, etc.), it's a surprise that this isn't a common thing around town. If Denny's can do it, I think Portland restaurants can as well.