Ever since last year's Pickathon I've been pining for more Sam Quinn. At the time there was no record, nor a plan to revisit Portland. I was forced to jam out to Quinn's scant live output online (he's so good it worked). And while there's still not even a west coast date on Quinn's latest itinerary, all is not lost—there is movement in them Tennessee woods!

Earlier this month Quinn released his solo debut, The Fake That Sunk A Thousand Ships. This teaser video out to tell you everything you need to know. And by God, Quinn's first little anecdote on happy vs. depressing music is a killer.

Find out more at Quinn's myspace, or read my review of last year's Pickathon show.

Also, I wrote a letter to the folks at Pickathon, asking them to bring Quinn back. There's really no better place to see them than in the dusty woods or an old barn—they just seemed so at home last year. I'm still waiting to hear back...