If you missed out on the chance to get acquainted with London noise-pop trio and recent Sub Pop signees Male Bonding when they rolled up and smoked the Doug Fir last month, you may have to wait a while before they re-cross the pond and share their infectious, free-wheeling lo-fi punk with us Yanks.

In the meantime, pick up a copy of their debut LP Nothing Hurts, a guilt-free 30 minutes of SST-indebted pop punk, and scope out the video for "Year's Not Long" that just dropped this week. Directed by Vice "Woah, There's A Dude Drumming For The Raincoats" Cooler and featuring cameos by some of L.A.'s finest, the video starts out innocently enough as a slow-mo tribute to quality bro-time and then takes a climactic twist, like something straight outta Shyamalan. That is to say, you know, not so much scary as really funny.