Last summer, Dinner and the Maincourse came out of nowhere and were suddenly all over the place, gaining momentum through June and July with tons of basement shows, a slot at St. Johns NoFest, and opening up for Mika Miko at Satyricon. When September rolled around, they disappeared as fast as they started, playing their last show at Dekum Manor before three of their members moved out of state. If you blinked, chances are you missed them.

  • Photo by Megan McIsaac

Tonight, they're back together for one night only, playing a for real this time last show at Mudai Lounge. Dinner's dance punk is straight out of 1970s/80s (No) New York. The rhythm section funks, the guitar cuts and whines, the sax skronks, the vocals do whatever the hell they feel at the given moment. The bummer of it all is, for as much as their style was indebted to the no wave movement, Dinner were still making the sound their own and flinging it into new territories. Preview what's in store for tonight with a recording of an old set courtesy of Scragz, recorded August 2009 at Dunes.

<a href="">Dinner & the Main Course by Bootlegs by Scragz</a>

Dinner and the Maincourse performs tonight at Mudai Lounge (801 NE Broadway) with Astrology and O Bruxo.