The other day I shared a link to Joe Strummer's London Calling, a terrific archive of the radio show hosted by the Clash frontman. While it's turning me on to all types of new music, one jam has stuck out in particular and I've got to share it: Cornershop's "6am Jullander Shere."

Cornershop are a British band that seem incredibly ahead of their time, mashing up electronica and world music. They had a hit in the 90's, were remixed, toured with Beck, are loved by Oasis, and were featured in a recent Nike commercial, but seem criminally under-rated/under-known.

"6am Jullander Shere" is a simple, building groove, based, I believe, on an Indian prayer/chant. It's hypnotic, growing, and effervescent. For maximum effect crank it loud and take a few steps away from the computer screen.

Cornershop "6am Jullander Shere"

Find a few more tunes at the band's myspace page—each track is radically different.