PING PONG PANDEMONIUM!—Local musician Kaia Wilson (the Butchies, Team Dresch) is headed to Germany to compete in the Gay Games in ping pong... and tonight, this ping pong spectacular help sends her there! In addition to music by STLS and DJ Permanent Wave, there'll be a frantic doubles ping pong tournament featuring musicians like Janet Weiss and Carrie Brownstein, along with a grudge match between the Mercury music writers (Ezra "Paddle Ace" Caraeff and Ned "Never Net" Lannamann) and the Willamette Week music writers (Casey "Chokes-a-Lot" Jarman and Michael "Ping Pong? What's Ping Pong?" Mannheimer). Oh snap! EH
w/STLS, DJ Permanent Wave; Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison, 8 pm, $5

I am throwing down the gauntlet (that's how good I am at ping pong*, I play with a fucking gauntlet**) and challenging the bedwetters at LocalCut to a high stakes ping pong challenge. We're all playing in tomorrow's Kaia Wilson's Ping Pong Pandemonium Party at Holocene and what would a friendly charity match be without some unfriendly wagering on the side?

The challenge:
The loser of the End Hits vs. LocalCut pingpong match will have to attend the June 21st Dream Theater concert at the Roseland OR see emo crunksters Brokencyde at the Hawthorne Theatre that same night. The loser must also write a 500 word review for their respective blog.

Casey and Michael, if you accept this challenge, comment below. But if you lose, no crying. This isn't a Pavement concert. Oh, it's on.

* Not really. Other than the one time I drunkenly played at Rontoms, I have not played ping pong since I was 13.
** Ping pong is just like this, right? Oh, this will not end well.