In honor of our patriotic forefathers stabbing the Queen of England in the heart with a bayonet and gaining American's independence (thanks for nothing, junior college education), East End is throwing together a great weekend of shows on July 3rd and 4th. Not only that, on Independence Day they'll take to the streets and host their first block party, complete with a boozy beer garden, plus a portion of the profits from all shows will go to Pixie Project, an excellent local animal adoption agency.

I assume that means there will be adorable kitties and puppies everywhere.

The lineups:
Saturday, July 3
Ty Segall
Mean Jeans
Pure Country Gold

Sunday, July 4 (4-9pm)
East End Block Party
Red Fang
Lord Dying
Madison Concrete
& More

Sunday, July 4 (9pm, inside)
Peirced Arrows
Hunx His Punx