Oh, hello, new Cotton Jones track; how we've needed you on this gloomy day.

A couple of weeks ago, "Glorylight and Christie" debuted on Paste Magazine's website, announcing the release date (August 24th!) of the band's newest record, Tall Hours in the Glowstream (which was mixed by local producer, Beau Raymond). Today, we have "Pressing Down the Grass," a soulful reverie that's all dreamy organs, shiny brass, and a tambourine so triumphantly incessant that one might barely notice the veiny, purple bruise forming on their hip. When played on repeat, this song acts as a formidable understudy for the sun (that may or may not have cancelled its summer holiday to Portland—maybe next year, guys!)

(Note: this song will not be making an appearance on the new record, but rather, somewhere in the midst of a 24 disc, 3" CD monthly subscription, co-released by Flannelgraph Records and Crossroads of America Records of Bloomington, IN. Makes me wonder about all of the other unreleased gems contained on someone's unmarked hard drive, potentially in this very city...!)


Cotton Jones- "Pressing Down the Grass"