In the endless search for new music I wrote my pal Chris Gunn, former Portlander and Hunches guitarist, asking for a few recommendations. One he passed on was R. Stevie Moore, calling him a "precursor to Ariel Pink." First a bit of background, courtesy of Wikipedia:

Moore has self-released over 400 cassette and CD-R albums, as well as dozens of home videos, mostly through the R. Stevie Moore Cassette Club, a home-based label. His eclectic work incorporates a variety of musical styles, both popular and experimental. Moore lives and records in his home/studio in Bloomfield, New Jersey.

He is the son of Bob Moore, veteran Nashville A-Team bassist, producer, and orchestra leader, as well as a longtime sideman for Elvis Presley.

Gunn's reference of Moore to Ariel Pink is interesting, as it's been said recently that Pink's work of a few years ago is somewhat responsible for setting in motion the currents of chillwave, lo-fi R&B and weirdo pop. Pink seems to acknowledge Moore's influence, as the two have played together.

And if Pink is indeed prince of these latest movements, Moore appears sort of a godfather. It's not just the music, but the enveloping aesthetics of sunburnt, over-exposed film, beaches, 60's/70's nostalgia—of course, Moore was working in these mediums before they were considered throwback.

It's pretty interesting stuff. Have a look/listen:

R. Stevie Moore "Here Comes Summer Again"

There's many more of R. Stevie Moore's videos on YouTube and they get substantially weirder.