I announce this with much chagrin, while also bracing myself to be banished from fair EndHitserona... BUT IM GOING TO SEE ROONEY AT THE WONDER BALLROOM TONIGHT BY CHOICE. Oh, my god.

Blame it on a mixture of sunstroke and a slow week, but a friend and I had been discussing the LA band and how were were sort-of embarrassed to admit that we kind-of wanted to go to see them play after sort-of being stoked on their self-titled debut back in the summer of 2003. And then I checked my e-mail. And there it was. What was it, you ask? Well, it was a divine message from the Lord (and/or the band's publicist) entitled, "Want to go see ROONEY this week?" Fuck. Yes?

To make matters so much worse, this is the video for their new single, "I Can't Get Enough," as featured on VH1's Top 20 Countdown. Oh, fare thee well, indie street cred and general pride in self! I've traded you in for giddy boy pop and a new pair of rollerskates.

In summation;

Rooney- "I'm a Terrible Person"