We Like Cats heralded in their brand-spanking-new record, Proper Eats, with a brief set at Holocene last night. And despite the sometimes excessive use of air-horn sirens, reverb, and sprawling dub-steppy meanderings, it was clear that this is a group to watch. What's more, Proper Eats may just be the summer album PDX has been lusting after.


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There were a few things I was expecting when heading into last night's release show:

1) The Rob Walmart van would be playing outside the venue, and would be drawing more of a crowd out to the curb than the DJ spinning in the venue. Check.

2) The local music "celebs" would be in abundance. But all I saw was two members of Wampire and 25% of YACHT. Check? Not really.

3) The set to be played by (semi) super-group We Like Cats (Adam Forkner of White Rainbow, Honey Owens of Valet and Miracles Club, and Eva Salens of Inca Ore) was most likely going to be a chill, perhaps trance-like, avant-synth sort of experience. Check? Not so much.

We Like Cats played a set (a disappointedly short set, btw) that was really dancey. The dubstep, tribal-based rhythms were refreshingly consistent in each song, allowing the crowd to move and not worry about the beat being obscured by a change in tempo or a noise-ridden interlude. And the vocals that were woven into songs fairly seamlessly by Owens and Salens, didn't distract from the groove, but added to the atmosphere. Speaking of, atmosphere is something all these artists have become pretty expert at creating. The trio was composed, concentrated, and seemed to be excited by the control they had over the room and their compositions. Although, at times, I thought perhaps they were a little too concentrated. It was funny to look up and see each of them transfixed by their electronic devices, as if the sweaty crowd in front of them was miles away. But let that not deter you from seeing We Like Cats the next chance you get and from picking up Proper Eats. I get the feeling you'll be hearing it during many a backyard BBQ as this sunshine is finally gracing us sadass Portlanders with its presence.