As reported today, founding member and bassist for the Kinks—on the short list for the greatest groups of all time, and if you don't agree with this, then you and I will never agree on anything—Pete Quaife passed away, leaving behind one of the greatest legacies of music ever seen. Quaife left the band in 1969, following the release of his favorite album with the group, Village Green Preservation Society, and here's a tune from that album that spotlights Quaife's thumping bass rooting the song to the ground.

Also, here's a very, very weird 1988 interview with Quaife (who at some point changed his name, and airbrushed pictures of Dionne Warwick for a living) for Canadian television. Well, he survived the '60s, so that's something. RIP Pete, and thank you for being a Kink.