My Dads, KidCrash, Not to Reason Why, Pianos Become Teeth (Kenton Club, 2025 N Kilpatrick) Throughout much of the late '00s, half the members of Kidcrash resided in Olympia, while the other half stayed put in their hometown of Santa Fe. Miraculously, their band not only survived, but also thrived—releasing records, touring trans-continentally, and blossoming into something state lines couldn't hinder or contain. Kidcrash's boundary-thrashing, epic compositions traverse and rupture the territories of punk, post-hardcore, math and prog rock, a chaotic ride that manages to sound out of control and meticulously planned all at once. Now that all four members have settled in Portland, we get the privilege of witnessing firsthand what they're capable of while actually living in the same city. EJ

Since today is a lean day, the only other thing I've got for you is a random Kidcrash fan-vid with bonus kitties. Enjoy!