Bad news. One of Portland's finest up and coming bands, Hosannas is likely parting ways following their show this Friday at the Artistery. The band formerly known as Church—the Aussie band of the same name asked that they make the change—had recently released Then & Now & Then on Hush Records and a news post from two days ago on their site seemed pretty promising:

we are back in portland for summer. and gearing up for the release of our new record. stay tuned we will be releasing a track or two in a week!

But then we received this message from the band's Brandon Laws:

This Friday we will be playing our last show as a group. Cristof [Hendrickson] and Lane [Barrington] are leaving Hosannas quite amicably to pursue other things. Richard [Laws] and I aren't sure what we are going to do but we know that these songs probably won't ever be played live again.

Bummer. Well, see you Friday then.


Hosannas - "Happiness"

Brandon writes us again to say that the band isn't really breaking up.

Actually we are going to continue playing shows as Hosannas, but it will be with a new setlist and just the two of us for awhile.